David Goulet. Founder and Owner of Pyramid Yoga, teacher of the Chakra Yoga System.

David Goulet. Founder and Owner of Pyramid Yoga, teacher of the Chakra Yoga System.

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

After returning to Canada from his transformational experiences studying Buddhism in Japan, living in an Ashram in India for ten months of intensive yoga training, plus years of wandering around exploring ancient cultures, David continues to share his 47 years of experience in Chakra Yoga with others. 

When travelling to Egypt David discovered how richly immersed in yoga the early Egyptians had been. Also having experimented with pyramid structures as meditation tools for a decade at that point, he realized the connection and this became the seed ofthe Pyramid Yoga Center

Following a number of years teaching solo, in 1996 David and his soul-friend and partner at the time, Marina Halleran founded the  successful Chakra Yoga Center in Victoria Canada. Offering unique teachings of Yoga as they are traditionally transmitted in the East, and bridging that with modern science, the Chakra Yoga Center flourished, inspiring and enriching the lives of an open and supportive Western audience.

Read more of David's Yogic journey here.

Pyramid Yoga, Thailand 

On the Spring Equinox of 2002, David and Marina founded their second joint venture, Pyramid Yoga Center Thailand, which have been offering a unique and intensive Teacher Training program  based on the Chakra Yoga system that David studied in India and applied to his life for over 40 years. For past 13 years based on the Science of Yoga, and various Yogic Healing courses, Retreats, Therapies and much more, the knowledge has been passed on in traditional guru-chela yogic way. More about the location in Thailand.

Chakra Yoga & Sustainable Living Project , Philippines

On the Summer Solstice of 2008 another dream of creating a sustainable community and lifestyle project manifested itself in the off beat shores of Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines when David lay the foundation stone of Chakra Yoga Center which continues to offer Teachers Training and other retreats(link) as in Thailand. In the pioneering spirit of David's father and grandfathers, the jungles of Palawan are being tamed (without destruction) into a more garden state with the addition of houses blended in and powered by the sun.  
More about the Location in the Philippines. 

A Sustainable Living project

The Permaculture and Sustainable Living venture is located in the beach side village of Port Barton in Palawan, Philippines .Our vision is to create a Yogic community focused on balanced, harmonious joyful living, and High evolutionary thinking.

With more than enough nutrient-rich land to share, we also have a beach front property on which we have recently completed constructing a simple open style Yoga Studio.

 ' The Jungle Kitchen' for the students and tenants in Philippines Center

' The Jungle Kitchen' for the students and tenants in Philippines Center

We are in process of constructing huts in addition to the few huts built as a part of the Yogic sustainable lifestyle.