Past Graduates of Chakra Yoga

Since 1997 there have been 500+ graduate teachers coming through the Chakra Yoga School.  Below is a growing list (growing because I am working on it), of teachers who are active teaching, who have their own centers, and who do teachers training courses in various parts of the world.


Michelle Schoeder  

Mandee Labelle   

Veronique Rioux   

Crista Shillington  

Christina Currie      

Julie Kent       

Michelle Mckeever Bishop

WarrenBishop   Same >>

Andrea Currie   /

Barbara Demetto

Angela Roberts

Ashton Szabo  

Emma Warmington

Jenika Bronson  

Britt BensenSteele

Jordan Hoover   

Jennifer Boutilier

Logan Schubert


Carla Newton