David's principal teacher, Dr. Swami Gitananda, was a medical doctor and Yogi who taught the integrated forms of Yoga from a medical perspective inclusive with the traditional teachings of The Science of Yoga. This system of Yoga brings an in-depth understanding of the physiology and psychology as it applies to the mind/body connection - the Chakras. Dr. Swami Gitananda departed from the world in 1993. His ashram in India is now facilitated by his wife, Meenakshi and son, Dr. Ananda.

After India, David continued his research of the Chakra System as he explored the Mayan culture in Mexico and Guatemala. Years later he researched the same phenomenon in the ancient Egyptian culture, as he traveled through Egypt studying the old temples and sites. During his third journey to India David spent a couple of months looking into the methods and teachings of Osho in Poona.

From his Yogic practices and inner visions, David has painted colorful geometric mandalas of the Chakra energy centers. These are used for concentration techniques in Raja Yoga to lead one into a meditational state . They are also used in certain healing techniques that are related to sacred geometry & color therapy. As well, David , practices Quantum Sound Therapy . Sound was regarded as a very powerful healing modality in the ancient cultures, especially in Egypt. After years of experiencing its effects David designed a vibrational sound table which he uses in his Quantum Sound Therapy sessions. These sessions balance the energy centers and relieve stress from the nerves, and tension from the body.

With the assistance from his teaching partner, Marina as well as other alternative , health care practitioners, he has held two week intensive, chronic healing clinics in Victoria, helping people overcome illnesses such as cancer.

David and Marina are also in the process of writing two books on this Chakra Yoga & Yantra Yoga System, one of which will be offered in the Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Training Program.

In collaboration with Marina Halleran, David is one of the co-founders of the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand as well as the Chakra Yoga Center in Victoria , Canada (1998-2005).

He is currently residing in the Philippines and teaches in Thailand 6-8 months out of the year.

David has invested many years into the study of Yantra Yoga as his specialty, and from this mystic symbolism of the ancient cultures he is developing both the website and a book: