Cancer Remission

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Designed after a successful program first developed and tested in1978 the present version has pushed cancer into remission several times, this program has also shown itself effective in healing most degenerative dis-eases.

For those who are at the the onset of degenerative dis-eases, this is an intensive program designed to turn the situation around. It will rejuvenat your body and mind back into to a healthy state. The Cancer Remission Program has been proven effective in putting terminal cancer into remission time and time again.

This program immerses you into a very healthy environment, with a trained therapist guiding you through the process of dissolving your dis-ease. No one does it for you; rather, you are taught how to heal using your body’s own auto-immune system. Ultimately, you will feel empowered by an exciting new outlook of what is really happening within you and how you can oversee your own life and health.

As you learn about the inherent abilities designed into your body, you might be amazed and start to wonder why you were not taught these things in school. Our bodies are miraculously engineered to take care of themselves. By working with yogic techniques developed thousands of years ago and time tested over centuries, you can establish a state of health without medical intervention. It is your birthright.

Some of the methods used to re-create health are listed here:

  • The ‘Ekadasi’¬†breathing method (a technique of pranayama yoga)
  • Hatha yoga asanas and exercises designed to stimulate the thymus gland and lymphatic system
  • Daily massage, or as needed
  • Emotional release work to uncover some of the causes of disease
  • Diet and herbs for detoxification
  • Education in thought patterns and related disease symptoms
  • Daily psychological counseling with constant supervision
  • Quantum Sound Therapy
  • Light and Color Therapy
  • Techniques in energy control and glandular stimulation
  • Yoga chiketsa massage therapy