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Yoga’s ancient system of the Chakras dates back thousands of years, yet elaborates on the various frequencies of energy which are only now being re-discovered in Quantum Physics. With Yoga it is more than a theory filled with equations; rather, it is a science with techniques for observing these energies and working with them, so as to enhance health of body and mind, while expanding the boundaries of the conscious observer.

This leads to an expansion of conscious awareness; it adds a confident, peaceful optimism to one’s state of mind, and, the methods of working the energies through the body produce an impeccable state of health. while the emotions come to rest in a state of peaceful happiness.

Chakras are forms of energy that exist in the electromagnetic realm of the universe, with their microcosmic counterparts within us. In fact chakras are the different frequencies of that electromagnetic energy. Modern quantum physics has established – through such brilliant minds as Nassim Haramein and others – that space itself has structure. The energy within space follows that structure to take on the forms of matter we perceive.

Ancient civilizations in their spiritual quests could see the inner forms of this energy as it manifested in the material world. Hindus called them mandalas or yantras, and these can be found on temple walls globally.

The Chakra Yoga System was presented to David and a few other students at Ananda Ashram in India in 1971 and 72 by Dr Swami Gitananda who had learned it in the 1920′s from Ram Gopal Muzumdar a man better known as the “Sleepless Saint”. Now referred to as Chakra Yoga by David, it is a comprehensive system of yoga techniques for body, mind and consciousness designed to awaken our perceptions to the energetic level of reality which governs our nervous system, glands, and organs including the brain.

This can be accomplished through;

  • Asana – postures and positions for the body.
  • Kriyas and mudras – movements with body and breath to rejuvenate glands and organs, stimulating their functions back to peak performance.
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques to energize the nervous system and bring the empowerment needed by these glands, organs and various body functions + breathing techniques for clearing the mind of its busy chattering: increasing calm concentration.
  • Pratyahara – deep relaxations which draw awareness out of the material realm to the inner realm where and when concentration becomes possible.
  • Dharana – concentration techniques for increasing our mental ability to focus attention, process information, sharpen and organize memory, as well as to empower imagination. The methods used here will include mantra for sound concentration, and on sacred geometry symbolic mandalas focus for centering the mind.
  • Dhyana – meditation techniques to enhance our abilities in controlling the mind, gaining access to the pause button for those times when we need to establish peace of mind and transcend into a higher awareness.

In Chakra Yoga the focus is continually drawn back to the energy world, in other words, our essence and the source of all material manifestation. When the student becomes aware of these various energy vortexes through the practice of the aforementioned methods, special techniques that work directly with these specific energies are added. These in turn transform their bodies, minds, emotional states and lives through the restoration of balance and empowerment of the energy body.

The study of these energies is directly related to the quantum fields of Quantum Physics, and complemented by documentaries of modern research in these areas. The study itself is an exciting exploration into the realm of infinite possibilities now seen in physics.