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David Goulet

First studying in India in the early 70’s, he has dedicated his life to the science of yoga. Almost 5 decades later, the wisdom of the chakras are at the centre of his practise.

Ever since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972, David has continued his personal and professional pursuit of the yogic lifestyle as an international Yoga Teacher, Healer and Founder of numerous Retreat Centers.

Studying for two years under the much-loved Dr Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry India, David’s strong foundational understanding of the Ancient Chakra System provided the basis for much of his present day teachings. Through exploration, examination and a healthy curiosity, David’s subsequent travels in Mexico, Guatemala, Egypt, and South East Asia only further affirmed the wisdom he received from Swami Gitananda which he now shares with his students.

This invaluable knowledge is shared through the Pyramid Yoga Centers: one in Thailand, and another in the Philippines. On one hand these centers focus on teaching students in the ways of Chakra Yoga (for example, through teacher training courses), but also serve as a place for patients to come for healing, utilising the science of Chakra Yoga directly.

A truly rare yogi

It’s rare these days to find a teacher of such incredible persistence and dedication to their craft. With almost 5 decades of personal practise and exploration, David presents the science of Chakra Yoga based on an exceptionally strong foundation of experience. He has blessed the world by training more that 500 new student teachers, as well as touching the lives of hundreds of people; bringing back their self-awareness and individual empowerment. Countless people have re-claimed their health, happiness and contentment as a result of David’s guidance.

Click through below to read David’s personal account of his life with yoga. This is the same passage that forms the introduction of David’s teacher training manual.