Healing at Pyramid Yoga

Utilising the science of yoga to empower your own perfect health...

At Pyramid Yoga we show you that health and healing is entirely under your control. Our bodies have all the intelligence and resources to take you from a single pair of cells to the incredible symphony of more than 50 trillion cells you experience today; so repairing a few rogue cells or overcoming infection is hardly an impossible feat. 

You will learn the theory and techniques that put this health into your own hands. You will come to understand breathing and the wider role of oxygen in our bodies, asanas and movement to increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, the role of endocrine glands how to regain their full functionality and cooperation, as well as much more. All this is delivered through the ancient science of yoga learnt with David's 5 decades of study.



The Immuno-health program is an intensive, personally tailored program aimed at quickly bringing health back to your mind and body. The main focus is getting our immune systems to return to their full capacity in defending and detoxifying our bodies, done through a variety of techniques such as movement, breath control, meditation and visualisations, sound therapy, massage and much more...



We host different courses and retreats during the year, aimed at delivering this empowering knowledge through a variety of means. Apart from the highly tailored Immuno-health program which is more of a retreat, we hold 1-month intensive courses with lectures and classes that bring this knowledge to anybody interested in understanding yogic health.

We also hold 3-month yoga teacher training courses in which this healing-focused application of yoga is followed in depth.


Private sessions are able to be booked for a variety of therapies or simple meetings regarding you and your health. David and the assistant teachers have many years of experience and results that help them work with you to find the root causes of what you are experiencing in your life. 

The techniques listed below, as well as many more are applied expertly depending on what the calling is at the time. Our suggestion is to be in touch through the contact page, or come to see us in person so that we can work out a time to suit you.


Many of our healing techniques are listed below, each an area of incredible depth. David and our healers will help you select the most appropriate means for you.



In general, we breath in and utilise only a small percentage of the capacity given to us through our lungs. Pranayama (breath and energy control) is the ancient science that adds new vitalisation to your life, with techniques that will oxygenate your body and literally flush out disease.

Learning how to breath properly is the first and most fundamental technique to learn at Pyramid.



Yoga is most famous for its asanas, and for good reason. Practising yoga asanas is an incredibly powerful means to bring focus and awareness to our physical, energetic and mental bodies - something that is central to our experience in this world. 

Asanas also help us gain strong, stable and flexible bodies, move and circulate blood and lymph, bring self-love into our awareness and much, much more.


At the fundamental level, our universe is simply vibrating energy. Our body therefore operates and communicates at this subtle level, through energetic vibrations too.

Understanding this fundamental fact, David has been using sound vibrations to help influence a level of harmony and synchronicity within our minds and bodies. 


Spinal Therapy. This is a series of techniques, similar to massage with a focus on the spine. Literally central to our health, through ancient  systems of the chakras and kundalini, or modern systems of thought alike, a healthy, supple and aligned spine is of incredible influence over our experience day to day. Chikitsa is the science that starts with a focus on our spine. 


So much of our health comes from our environment. Our social interactions, our food, air quality etc, our family, access to nature...

At Pyramid you have a chance to detoxify and remove contaminants from your environment (it's easy when you live in the jungle). We extend this with specialised diets, such as brown rice or papaya fasting that gives our mind and bodies the much needed time to focus on the more important things it hasn't been given time for.


Let's take a look at you, your past and your belief systems that have placed you at Pyramid Yoga Center for healing in the first place. An often overlooked component of health in western medicine, is the belief systems (created by your experiences, associations and society) that are creating or triggering the illnesses themselves. 

If you're ready, we have many techniques that dig deeper into the seeds inside of you that work against your perfect health. We then let them go...


To learn more about our healing techniques or courses, please check out Pyramid Yoga Center's website