Yoga Certification Thailand

Linking ancient and modern understanding through the Science of Yoga.

David Goulet has spent most of his life researching yoga from a scientific perspective; making the links to modern quantum physics. Though fully immersed in the Hindu tradition of yoga while living in India in 1971-72, the underlying reality of an illusive energy world kept him probing deeper into the connections with science.

He is now a rare man of 48+ years of study and practice.


Half a century in experience to share...

David holds an inner responsibility to share and proliferate the traditional teachings of the Science of Yoga, through the scientific aspect of the chakras presented in the light of modern quantum physics and biology i.e.
David is slowly unraveling how modern research has come full circle, back to original understanding of the ancients.
All is Energy.
Come for an educational experience in a
Meditation Retreat Thailand or to teach through
Yoga Certification Thailand.


Expose yourself to mother nature herself.

The two Pyramid Yoga Centers are a welcoming home base for all explorers of the energy world. On top of various short courses and workshops held around the world, David teaches an annual yoga teacher training course in either Thailand or the Philippines.

Remaining true to the original teachings from his ashram, David presents the 9 forms of yoga to students through an un-distracted, life-altering immersion into the chakras.

Mastering the chakras is your key to mastering yourself and finding the link to the universe itself. We are all part of one electromagnetic ocean. Find out more, and get in touch with the experience by clicking on the Pyramid banner.