Yoga  Prescriptions/Retreats

1. Private Sessions

Stepping away from general practice done in classes, the prescriptions are determined intuitively and intellectually by YogaDave, based on his 45 years of experience with 9 forms of yoga.

Individual prescribed programs, for personal development designed for each student. Awakening and evolutionary these can lead to healing of all negative conditions.

The prescribed programs include:

  • Analysis of lifestyle, diet and health.
  • Chakra analysis based on the Yantra Yoga system
  •  Specific instructions in asana and their sequences.
  •  Detailed instructions in pranayama breathing exercises.
  •  Integration of breath to asana.
  •  Synchronization of breath – asana – movement and flow.
  •  Mantra, sound and personal mantra.
  •  Quantum Sound therapy.
  •  Visual concentration with personally designed mandalas.
  •  Meditation with individually suitable techniques.

It has long been the custom in India, as it was in ancient Egypt, to teach the advancing forms of yoga on a one to one basis. In this way students can be guided through their personal obstacles in a way most suited to them. The student – teacher relationship is quite personal and requires a lot of communication. In the Chakra Yoga System as taught by Swami Gitananda, and carried on by YogaDave, the Yantra Yoga system is used not only for the chakra analysis, but becomes the insight tool for calculating both the personal mantra and mandala for each student.


Three days/One week retreat for an insight on each Chakra and various forms of yoga associated to it. Brief introduction of each Chakra and looking into the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of our being.  It includes understanding the inner world of the chakras through breathing patterns, meditation, as well as working with sound, light and sacred geometry.



Traditionally, yoga is seen as an individual practice, but Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, touch and yes, intimacy. It can be practiced by any two people and is a great way to strengthen a relationship by fostering trust and communication. It’s all about people joining together to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice.



Three/Four days retreat that teaches the work with geometris called by the name: Yantra Yoga. It has its source in energy patterns formulated by the multi-intersecting magnetic and electromagnetic energies of the universe. These energies are forever converging into changing patterns we call yantras or mandalas. Study of the geometric details manifested by these inflowing waves of energy is at the heart of yantra.


5. Thyroid Solution

 David Goulet “YogaDave” (as called by students affectionately) from the Chakra Yoga School has developed programs to rejuvenate the thyroid and other endocrine glands. Based on his 45 years of practice and teaching, and with his decades of research into the phenomenon of Chakras he has established very concise relations between the energy of each chakra and the glands / organs linked to them.A workshop on the Vishuddha chakra and its mind-body connections to the thyroid and para-thyroid glands covers the symptoms, problems and solutions through yogic technique. 

This is done in a way that avoids complicated (advanced) postures,but rather focusing on more beneficial easy poses with breath which anyone can do.

The workshop includes:

·        Talks on diet, detox and healing diets

·        Specific breathing techniques for thyroid and para-thyroid

·        Postures and movements to bring them back in balance

·        Sound and vibration as tools to activate or relax the glands, (they are nested on the vice box

·        Looking for emotional blockages that interfere with health

·        Checking belief systems that disempower the mind

·        Adding the re-empowerment and making the mind-body connection

·        Discussions and feedback on problems and possibilities.

Follow up sessions would be available on request.

#  These add up in hours to complete a Yoga Healers Course as available at the Chakra Yoga Center in the Philippines or the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand.   


6. Immune Responses

The immune response system is not very effective in an alarming number of people, leading us to a high dependency on antibiotics from drug companies, instead of producing our own anti-bodies as we are designed to do.The Chakra Yoga System has been shown to dramatically increase the body’s ability to develop its own resistance and immunity to most, if not all, infectious and degenerative diseases.

In the Immune Response Program even beginner yoga students learn how to rejuvenate the Thymus (endocrine) gland and its complementary team of supportive body functions so as to bring all to peak performance.

Not only does this ward off foreign bacteria and viruses, but also dramatically increases the body’s own cleaning and detoxification capabilities in order to halt or prevent the degenerative process associated with aging .(after 25years these days).

YogaDave presents his discoveries on immune activation resulting from four decades of research into the healing powers of yoga in this 4 hour workshop while providing the methods that have proven effective in rejuvenation.

Workshop includes:

·        Talks on the body’s own cleaning and detox capabilities.

·        Breathing techniques for the heart and Thymus.

·        Posture and movement for the circulation of lymphocytes.

·        Sound, vibration and feeling in the realm of Anahata Chakra.

·        Clearing psychological emotions which can interfere with healing.

·        Forgiveness visualisation for relieving guilt and grudges.

·        Beliefs, doubts, genetics and religious conditioning.

·        Confidence and believing in ourselves, and inherent capabilities.

Follow up sessions would be available on request.

#  These add up in hours to complete a Yoga Healers Course as available at the Chakra Yoga Center in the Philippines or the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand.