David Goulet

Founder & Principle Teacher

With almost 5 decades of study and practice, David leads the way at Pyramid Yoga with an unrivalled level of experience. Originally finding yoga in India in the early 70's, he has maintained his focus and commitment over the years to understanding the truth our bodies, mind and the universe. He is the founder and principle teacher at Pyramid.


Joining David as the teaching team in 2018 is Brittany to his left, with her contribution in anatomy, and chiketsa massage added to the breath training. To her left in Bentley helping in administration and some teaching; and far left (Far right in the picture) is T who brings in her expertise in alignment of body-mind-breath with her thousands of hours of experience. Not in the picture is Chris, who teaches, and is organizing the course content into an improved format; since the material keeps expanding at the scientific research level, it needs re-organization periodically.

The crew.jpg

Phung Ophaslat

Healing Partner

Phung specialised in emotional release.  Phung has been doing healing work for a number of years, both in the Netherlands and in Thailand. She works both independently and with David in some of the healing programs.


Ely Bouchard

Pyramid Center Manager

Hailing from British Colombia in Canada, Ely brings a passion for sustainability and community to Pyramid Yoga. Twice a student of David's teacher training courses, he and David have come together to ensure that Pyramid Yoga continues to uphold a conscious footprint and strong legacy on the islands.