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Our Team

David Goulet

Founder & Principle Teacher

With almost 5 decades of study and practice, David leads the way at Pyramid Yoga with an unrivalled level of experience. Originally finding yoga in India in the early 70’s, he has maintained his focus and commitment over the years to understanding the truth our bodies, mind and the universe. He is the founder and principle teacher at Pyramid.

Joining David as the teaching team in 2018 is Ti, Marcelle,  & Brittany. Bentley and Ely will of course be taking care of details in and around the whole training, as will our local staff.

Marcelle Viser

Managing Secretary

The lady on the right is Marcelle Viser. She is David’s managing secretary and assistant in many things. She has been practicing yoga for years, teaching and working at the Pyramid Yoga Center since January. Marcelle has been studying Quantum Sound Therapy with David and is now one of the main therapists in this work, she is also immersing herself in Chakra Yoga.

Ely Bouchard

Pyramid Center Manager

Hailing from British Colombia in Canada, Ely brings a passion for sustainability and community to Pyramid Yoga. Twice a student of David’s teacher training courses, he and David have come together to ensure that Pyramid Yoga continues to uphold a conscious footprint and strong legacy on the islands. Ely also is committed to spreading the realities of the Chakra Yoga System to humanity.

Ti Lee

Assistant Teachers

This is Ti Lee, one of the assistant teachers in the Chakra Yoga Teacher Training programs. Ti has been working with David for a couple of years now; she has her own studio in Melbourne, called Holding Space. Ti is also very involved with the healing programs and works with Quantum Sound Therapy.

Ti has literally thousands of hours experience in teaching asanas, flows, Yin yoga and is now part of the Chakra Yoga team.

Anatomy Teachers

Marcelle will also be teaching some of the anatomy classes with David, and the physiology within the scope of Samkhya rather than the Western perspective.