Primary teacher and founder of the Chakra Yoga center and the Pyramid Yoga Centers, David Goulet is seen here with his 1974 painting of the ChakraMan in the background.

  45 years of his present life have been dedicated to studying, research and practice in 9 forms of yoga. Now he teaches in various countries, and has schools in 2 of them.    More…

45 years of his present life have been dedicated to studying, research and practice in 9 forms of yoga. Now he teaches in various countries, and has schools in 2 of them.   More…


Atinooch will be joining the team as David’s teaching partner in upcoming Teacher Training Courses in Thailand, beginning in September 2016. She now has 4 year’s experience with the Chakra Yoga system, has her own yoga studio Heart4Life in the Netherlands. Atinooch completed the Chakra Yoga YTT in 2012 at the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand having practised yoga for some years before that. She works as a yoga teacher, teaching a dynamic flow as well as Yin yoga and caters to professional sports players within the football (soccer) realm. She places emphasis on careful alignment and the Importance of Pranayama, which has led her to work with healing techniques that she shares with David. She encourages a more holistic approach to Asana, emphasizing inner silence and encouraging students not just to focus on the physical aspect of asana but to use the practice as a moving meditation and then closing with a sitting meditation. Atinooch also works with David in teaching workshops at various locations. Yoga is her passion as well as her profession.





Barbara Dametto
Barbara (Eva) is a certified hatha yoga instructor and is the co-director of Breathe True Yoga in Bancroft, Ontario. She received her training in chakra yoga in Thailand at the Pyramid Yoga Center in 2008 ( She holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Theatre and kinesiology from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education from York University. She has worked for the Ontario School Board for over 20 years as an artist in education and as a high school English, theatre, dance and visual art teacher. She also worked for Voluntary Services Overseas ( where she taught theatre for social for 2 years change in Sri Lanka. She received her sound healing certification in Boulder, Colorado with internationally acclaimed teacher Jonathan Goldman ( She is a certified Expressive Arts Practitioner and a Journey Dance apprentice ( Eva has worked as a dancer, choreographer, actor, playwright, theatre director, visual artist, and teacher for the past 25 years. Her creativity, love of learning and eclectic background all contribute to her unique teaching style and depth of awareness.

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The new manager Josh, is busy with renovations, building permits and licenses so as to reopen the Pyramid center. Rules and regulations are always changing in this country, bringing in more complications for those of us who are legally working here.

The restaurant is looking good, and Josh’s skills as a chef will be providing students with some rather gourmet but very healthy meals throughout the day.
Of course Josh is also a Yoga Teacher who is and will be teaching some of the classes.



Recently graduating from Pyramid Yoga Center on Koh Phangan, David's Filipina wife Renalyn ensures that order is kept and that each of our students are well-fed at our Philippine location. If you ask her nicely, she may just whip you up some of her famous peanut sauce to accompany any of the delicious and nutritious meals she makes.

   Rudolf Zarits     

Joined us this winter and quickly became our electronics engineer, seeing that there were high tech lighting systems for advanced concentration, as well as the Palawan center being discoveries in quantum physics and offer answers to questions which traditional science doesn't even try to answer. Supporting David's vision of presenting the teachings of yoga in a audiovisual way gives me the opportunity to experiment and putting my knowledge of electronics to good use.”solar powered with its own independent system.

“Ten years of working in the mobile communication industry left me with the intuition that there must be more to life. So I quit and went to university - just to realize that the education system which got me into that meaningless hamster wheel is the wrong place to look for answers to the questions which I consider relevant. So after graduating as master of science (MSc) in 2013 (more. . .)    my friend Andy introduced me to trance and electronic music festivals where I met many people whose way of life was way closer to what I call "living" than I have ever seen in the business society. Happenings, which soon couldn't be explained as coincidence anymore by my rational mind, led me to meet Anna, who did the level 2 teachers training with David . She contacted David and organized for me a place where I can spend my time contributing to its growth and expansion, enjoy, learn and experience.

For me, yoga, a few month ago, was just another gymnastics and now a whole new world unfolded I didn't even know existed. The teachings of yoga directly link to the newest discoveries in science.


Ansheeta has become the internet connector through web site, Facebook and other social media; also now a yoga teacher, she comes from India and is bringing yoga back to her community.

“My decision of studying yoga with David lead me to a better journey of life. Coming from a small conservative town in India, it was a  struggle to come to a different country by myself but after finishing  the course I realized I could spread the gift of yoga among people and help them on their own journeys. With David giving me opportunity to be a part of his sustainable lifestyle project and social media manager, I enjoy sharing yoga with people around me.”


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