Pyramid Yoga Center, Thailand

Next teacher training starts September 2017

15+ years in Thailand. Pyramid Yoga was the first yoga school on Koh Phangan, and is still going strong with retreats, teacher training courses, daily classes and more...

We are happy to have helped bring the spiritual awakening powers of yoga to Koh Phangan. These powers balance out some of the party indulgent energies of the island to keep the awakening aspect in the atmosphere of the trance dancing. It is all good. The snorkelling scene above is an example of the more leisurely activities students can do between morning and afternoon classes, or on weekend excursions.

Osho Dance, Yoga in Thailand
Beach View, Koh Phangan

Island Location

Take refuge at our beautiful mountain retreat center on Koh Phangan. Boasting breath taking ocean views, our Thai haven is nestled amongst coconut palms overlooking the tranquil Haad Salad beach.

A longtime favorite of past kings of Thailand, Koh Phangan (pronounced "Koh Pangan") is one of three small islands just east of the mainland in the Gulf of Southern Thailand. Known for its white sandy beaches, warm emerald waters, abundant coral reefs and famous Full Moon Parties, the seemingly small island is large enough to entertain both passers by and long-staying wanderers.

In only a short walk or scooter ride, our students frequent the countless nearby beaches - all perfect for diving and snorkelling, a variety of restaurants and cafes, natural waterfalls, hiking trails, Buddhist temples, alternative therapy practitioners, Thai-style herbal steam rooms, Sunday drum circles, numerous fresh produce markets and Thong Sala's weekend walk-through artisan market.

Due to the mountainous topography of Koh Phangan, more than half the island has been designated National Park and is generally inaccessible. Large areas of almost untouched pristine rain forest supports a thriving environment of diverse flora and fauna.

However, for those coming to us from the regular 9-5 grind and unable to disconnect entirely, never fear! Our jungle sanctuary is but a stones throw away from hi-speed internet, public telephones, ATM services and most other modern amenities to which we've become accustomed.

30 Teacher Training Courses completed since 1997, 
500+ Graduate teachers worldwide.


Mandalas are part of the Yantra Yoga Art form taught in the course.

We offer a variety of lodging options ranging from a furnished tent under the stars to modern cabins complete with their own kitchen and bathroom.

During our Teacher Training programs and Retreats we suggest that students stay at Pyramid Yoga Center for both logistical and experiential reasons. However, in the case that all accommodation is occupied (which rarely occurs) or special lodging is required, there are numerous options nearby at the neighbouring Mountain Hut property or anywhere along Haad Salad Beach.

We do ask that any student seeking private lodging notifies us in advance so that we may comfortably accommodate all applicants.


The following is a list of available accommodations starting with the most affordable option. 

  • Gazebo; including a platform and mattress, clean linen, a small clothes shelf and table, a bin for books, a lamp, indoor and outdoor mats, electricity and access to clean washrooms (single)
  • Bungalow with ensuite (single)*
  • Bungalow with ensuite (double)*  
  • Bungalow with kitchen & ensuite (double)*

* As not all our cabins are fitted with water heaters, this symbol indicates that you may chose to have hot water (depending on availability).

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