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Physics and the Quantum Field

The world of science has undergone a 180-degree revolution over the last century. Few people realise the implications of the turnaround, outside of the physicists who are researching and discovering the quantum level of reality. Basically, the world as we experience it is not as solid or real as perceived by our senses. Inside the atomic building blocks of the earth we are standing on lies empty space with small “quantities” of vibrating something. This some-thing is not really a thing but rather a mini-field of vibrating energy, either charged positively or negatively.

Here is a vibratory field where nothing is solid,yet the overall balanced field creates the illusion of a molecule

The electron spinning around the proton has spin but without any tangible object. Nor is there any substance to the proton. They are both vibrating waves of possibilities with opposing charges. These sub-atomic wave functions interact with conscious mind in such a way as to become the molecular structures of the world through the perception of our senses. The effect is due to the interpretation of the human mind reacting to the vibration being observed.

We see red or blue when looking at an object, but what enters our eyes are two electro-magnetic waves vibrating at different frequencies. Recent discoveries in neuro-biology are indicating that our sense of smell is also interpretations of molecular frequency; whether we are smelling a rose or fresh coffee, it is the vibrational song of the molecules the olfactory sense detects, and the brain interprets as one or the other

Soon to be discovered is the receptors on cells everywhere in our body are responding to the frequencies of the chemical messengers (neuro-peptides), that come in contact with them. The vibrational level of our chemistry is becoming more obvious to modern science, yet it is the foundation of the ancient Science of Yoga.

Experiencing and understanding the frequencies of the chakra energies has been one of the goals of yogic meditation for millennium. To the modern mind it seems amazing that anyone could have known about energy and frequencies that long ago, because we have been erroneously taught that all ancient cultures were primitive cave dwellers. There are still tribal people and cave dwellers today; that does not mean civilization is not here as well. Leaving that aside, we might be willing to accept scientific knowledge regarding energy and apply it in a modern way.

This is the basis of “Quantum Sound Therapy” which utilizes sound formulas long know to have specific influences on energy fields in the human system, (chakras), with the potential to reset the frequencies of our cells into healthy harmonic resonance. Harmony creates co-operation both within the cell and with surrounding cells, re-establishing health in any organ of gland. Literally, this is a tune up, working at the level of the building blocks of our being.

Atomic waves

In this photo someone is having a treatment in Sound & Light therapy, where both the frequency of the sound and the light are synchronized into one vibratory experience. These sessions are deeply relaxing, relieving stress and allowing the healing forces of the immune system to do their job.

  • These sessions are available at the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand and at the Chakra Yoga Center in Palawan.
  • Introductory sessions and relaxation sessions are 500 Baht, or Pesos, depending on where you go for it.
  • Guided therapeutic sessions begin at 1000.