A sustrainable yogic community

Sustainable Living Based on the principles of yoga

Have you noticed that the "outdated" lifestyle based on growing your own food, building your own house and generally taking responsibility for your own life in a healthy natural environment is making a fashionable comeback? 

Well, no time like the present.     In this present day, many of our projects are in development, with the pioneers on the front line of settling in to the jungle in a non-destructive way. Only three families are in construction mode with their houses, other couples are away working for funds to initiate their homes. one yoga studio is built on the beach property, and another being constructed on the farm property.

If returning to a down-right rational way of being interests you, our project might just be right up your alley. Rather than battling the hostile climate of the northern hemisphere, we teach Sustainable Living in conjunction with yoga for health and personal development on the lush tropical island of Palawan in the South Pacific. Surrounded by the pristine waters and world renowned coral reefs that give the Philippines the alias "a Diver's Paradise", the island is abundant with freshly grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and seafood all year round.

The basis of our Yoga & Sustainable Living program is simply to live in harmony with nature rather than against it. We steer clear of oil-guzzling machinery as much as possible, as well as over-manicured methods of construction designed to shut out nature and create artificially conditioned environments. Our belief is that nature provides us with everything we need and that through studying her cyclic patterns we create a symbiotic relationship wherein which we are simultaneously nurtured by and nurturing this incredible planet of ours. It is not a new concept at all, just one that many of us have been taught to forget as the rat race goes faster and faster.

Additionally, we live in accordance with Yogic Principals and as such incorporate a combination of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, gratitude, nutritious clean eating and much more into our daily practice. Visitors are invited and encouraged to experiment with these age-old techniques for themselves, doing so with the support and guidance of David who has had more than 40 years experience as a Yoga Teacher and Alternative Healer.


* The wood cabins are rented out (on subject to availability) all round the year. Another opportunity is to rent some land on the five hectare jungle and beach and build/get built your wood cabin where you can come back and experience the natural way of living far from the chaos of the main stream world.

* Check out our WORKAWAY web page
An opportunity to utilize your creative skills and new ideas and contribute building this wonderful community in exchange of free stay and yoga classes.

The topography of the Palawan property, pictured here (coming), makes it a perfect location to build, plant and grow with plenty of flat land and sloping land perfect for larger trees such as coconuts, bananas, papayas and avocados. As a small, open and progressive community we offer our knowledge, skills and equipment to anyone who shares and wishes to participate in our vision of clean, simple and conscious community living. We are also very open to evolving and broadening our range of knowledge in all aspects of sustainability from different natural building techniques to community development theory. 

With the exception of the very rarely used generator (which we are converting to use coconut oil), we utilize the energy of the sun and wind to power our present needs and use composting toilets to reduce unnecessary water consumption and produce nutrient rich soil for fertilizing our gardens.

We uphold the notion that as a society we can quickly and radically change the current dependency on fossil fuel simply by growing our own food, generating our own power and sharing this message with others.  

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