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Feedback from our Graduates over years


A truly rewarding and life-changing experience for my two boys and I - David's spiritual approach to yoga for personal growth, healing and evolutionary purposes is exactly what we were looking for.

Learning secret ancient practices side by side with insights into modern day quantum physics, allows your logical mind to come into alignment with your higher self for a holistic and integrated understanding.

Port Barton is a stunning and peaceful environment in which to immerse yourself in the daily practices, and a safe place for children to run free. The only problem that we found was that when the course came to a close, we didn't want to leave.     -     Kirsty,   December 2013

Having both the hath yoga component with the spiritual understanding of the chakras, as well as how the physical and energetic worlds are so intrinsically combined has given me a solid framework for my personal development and framework for teaching.It is a holistic framework for conscious evolution in a grounding practice.     - Sara,  Dec.   2013


The Chakra YTT and healers course has been an amazing experience. It has shown me how much more there is to yoga than just doing postures. The breathing techniques alone have helped me to focus on my inner self in order to hear the wisdom that is held there. I now have a set of tools I can reach for in different situations and I was fortunate to have a peaceful space where i could learn about these practices.    -   Roxanne, Dec   2013



Namaste, you are the coolest teacher I have ever met. Thank you so much.You are the person who brought me into the world of yoga, the world chakras and the world of yantra. Thank you for all the help you gave me.I’ll never stop and will always keep learning; you always guide me and inspire me. I’m so glad to be here and it is the most wonderful journey of my life so far.   - Yutong, 2013



I had an amazing time throughout this course. I can hardly believe how much I learned and grew as a person. Body mind and soul. This teacher training is so rich in content and so well put together, I wish it would go on forever.                    - Kimberly Venturino, 2012



The knowledge you gain from Pyramid Yoga Training is used to manifest a whole new way of being. The trainings are a lifestyle, its not just an experience that you look back on and have fond memories of, but rather an experience that you take with you and apply in every aspect of your life. You learn to see life in a whole new and enlightening way.                       -  Sarah,2011



An incredibly powerful and transformative experience. A very unique yoga training with gifted and experienced teachers in a beautiful setting, with a Sound Dome and a Pyramid, plus lots of great community to learn with; great fun too!      - Lee,2011


Through doing my 2009 Yoga Teacher Training at Pyramid Yoga, I have come to understand the ancient philosophies, how to teach, how to listen to my body, and how to live a more balanced life. This course will change your life in so many ways, my advice to you is JUST DO IT!   -Leanne Bowman, 2009



This was the most amazing experience of my life. Through the program I gained invaluable teachings and practices that have absolutely transformed me in so many ways as well as giving me a whole new family that I will stay connected with forever. I can't thank David and Marina enough for creating such a fantastic program and for welcoming me into it with open arms.    - Leah,2008



I found this teacher training to be quite brilliant. It has been a life transforming time for me - giving my life direction and purpose, both of which were kind of lacking before. I also feel confident and prepared to teach yoga, and quite enthused about the prospect of doing so.    - Kelly, 2007



The Chakra Yoga Teacher's Training has given me the foundation I've been looking to create in my life, so that I feel confident in the ways I've chosen to follow and believe. They are pertinent for all to know, and I can now share this knowledge.       -Krista, 2005



This course has set me back on course. I had a taste of the power of yoga in India at such a young age. I've been trying to return to this state of Being. Now I feel I have gained the insight to these experiences. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years now but have felt frustrated be the superficial type of yoga offered in the West. You two (teachers) have brought the soul back into yoga for me. I am blown away by the amount of information offered in this course and am eager to put the techniques to practice. I am not the same person as when I came. Now I am more myself; now I am more focused, present, patient, receptive, intuitive and dedicated to living the yogic life. I am ready to go out into the world to share this knowledge.        -anon , April 2003





 The trio who called themselves David's angels.

The trio who called themselves David's angels.