The Ancient Science of Yoga

In the realm of modern science wherein nuclear physics is rapidly unfolding into quantum mechanics, the various "mystical" traditions and "magical" abilities of shamans all over the world are being explained through quantum physics: particles of sub-nuclear quantities of energy. Just as there is no need to re-invent the wheel, it is not necessary to re-formulate a whole new ideology. In some of the newest of concepts introduced by Nassim Haramein is that of spin. Because everything in the universe from electrons to planets to galaxies are in a state of spin, he has brilliantly brought that into the equation as one of the fundamental missing links in quantum physics.

Being a reality of the ancient chakra world of yoga – the spin factor is a foundation of the energies known to manifest life in our observable world. Chakra literally means wheel, and these are understood to be spinning (that is what wheels do) at certain speeds or frequencies thereby creating vibration. These energies are not only perceivable as sound, but can be adjusted, manipulated and even manifested through sound.

Ancient cultures knew this and stated in many of their original “inspired” texts (scriptures), that the universe was manifested out of sound: “In the beginning was the word…” and creation proceeded from there. Long before Science and Religion became separate fields, ancients looked to the stars (in heaven) as being the source of the reality in which we live. Just how their energies came at us, what angles they hit us at, and what effect that had upon our minds, personalities, behavior and life was thought to be of prime importance. The cyclical nature of time, created by the spin of the earth, sun, solar system and galaxy brought an understanding of how life unfolds at both the personal level and more importantly at the level of societies and civilizations.

The development of mathematics and geometry as seen in old temples, pyramids, stone circles, Gothic cathedrals and now crop circles, was and is the civilizing power which pulls us out of the “stone age”. In fact it molds the stone age into structures like Stonehenge and the immense pyramids that are still being found around the world and under the ocean waters. One of the pioneering explorers in the re-discovery of ancient history has been and still is Graham Hancock. He is effectively re-writing our history and bringing light into the dark ages.

Another of the leading thinkers in a revolutionary understanding of our quantum world is Ervin Lazlo, again stepping through the field of physics, as did Einstein, to elaborate further on the new reality of our own consciousness as director of this dream we call life.