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The Yoga Healing course is for those who have successfully completed our Yoga Teacher Training and have an interest in applying the Science of Yoga as a method of promoting natural healing in themselves and others.  The course offered in Canada will be adapted to those who have not had the Chakra Yoga Training.

This 4-week program incorporates a detailed study of the Chakra system, wherein students further explore the individual Chakra energies, what functions they manifest in the body and mind. Through the study and practices of Chakra Physiology and Psychology, students learn to recognize and respond to energy blockages and imbalances that have, or may in the future, lead to illness and disease. The study of the chakras goes into microscopic details that enable us to draw the lines between the dots of physiology, biology, chemistry (of body and mind), neurobiology, molecular configuration, vibration and quantum fields. All of which are separate fields in Western science, but all part of the unified reality, or the bigger picture, as understood in yoga. Let us remember Yoga means to unite.

At Pyramid Yoga we believe that possessing inner and outer balance is a vital aspect of working in a healing  capacity with others. As a major component of our Yoga Healing program, students are encouraged to assimilate the course content experientially and are expected to create and maintain a strong Hatha practice in conjunction with various detoxification and cleansing techniques, exercises of self observation and contemplation, as well as participation in group activities and class discussion. Through the awakening practices for the chakras, mind is empowered in its role as body supervisor, leading to advanced capabilities to deal with any type of disease.

In the Chakra Yoga healing course, we present an in-depth view of body/mind chemistry: this requires a greater knowledge of  our own body chemistry, physiology, biology and an understanding of the energetic reality, which is the foundation of the chakra system. Mind and perception are the overall guiding forces of the energy world known in yoga as the chakras, so in Chakra Yoga, coming to this Realization  brings the empowerment to re-formulate our physical nature at the molecular level so as to bring about real and permanent healing. Body and brain chemistry are based on the 'real' world of physics, and that is based on Quantum Physics, which is he foundation of science in the West, as chakras are the foundation of the science of yoga in the East.

The successful retreat below was part of the Teaching Course in Nov-Dec (2014) Palawan, Philippines.


Topics Covered in the Chakra Yoga Healer's Course

Few Success stories


My wife and I both participated in a yoga workshop led by Dave Goulet during a two week period in January 1995 in Mexico. This was an unplanned event from our perspective. I am now 49 years old and have experienced chronic asthma since 2 years of age. My parents who live in Montreal will confirm this fact. ( tel: 514 ***-****). David's course taught me how to breathe properly and I am ecstatic to relate that I no longer experience asthma. I would be happy to speak with anyone at any place to relate my experience. Each day for a period of 30 minutes I practice breathing exercises as a maintenance program. I am strongly recommending Dave Goulet for his knowledge, teachings, and dedication to his work. 
Bob Daniels



Diane was suffering from flattened disks. It became painful at times, especially when she went to bed at night, making it very difficult to get to sleep. Many times during the day she would feel aching and "tiredness" in the area of her lower back.We put her on to a simple exercise program designed to relieve stress in the lower back area and stretch the spine a little so as to allow space for the cartilage to build back up. We added to this a variety of breathing exercises to help stimulate the healing process. She was also advised about the activities she should not do; those which had damaged the cartilage disks in the first place. She also underwent Jin Shin Do acupressure treatments and some sound therapy once or twice a week. She proved to be quite diligent with doing the exercise and breathing routines on her own and consequently made weekly progress. At first she was hardly able to move in the area of the lower back but within a few weeks she had regained much of her mobility. The symptoms from her spinal problems mostly dissolved within two months. Diane continued to come for monthly sessions as a reminder of how to stay on track, and she continues to feel better and stronger.        Canada



Karen came with a serious problem in the form of a 5 cm brain tumor that had reached the stage of interfering with her hearing and balance. She was also 60 pounds overweight. Her medical options involved delicate surgery which would have left her with half her face paralyzed, one to two months in the hospital for recovery, and months or possibly the rest of her life in a wheelchair, with a chance of not surviving at all, so she decided to go for the safe alternative.Two days after her arrival she decided to drop her prescription drugs down the sink. Within three days the hearing cleared up in her right ear and her sense of balance came back to normal. At the end of the two weeks she had gone through a radical change with her situation and felt like she had a fresh start on life. The M.R.I. scans in September showed the brain tumor to be gone; the only trace of it being a kind of shadow of where it had been. Her vitality and enthusiasm for life had really picked up; there were no signs of depression. She left in a very good state and has continued with her daily practice of breathing and exercise while maintaining a healthy nutritious diet. A month after leaving us she had lost over twenty-five pounds and was still feeling great.   (1995)



June. 1997

Harry  was taking chemo and radiation therapy for a brain tumor that was very malignant (cancerous). It was difficult to understand what he said, so a friend took over the phone and explained how the brain tumor was affecting the speech part of the brain. Harry managed to explain that his mouth was also affected and that originally there were some headaches. He was presently loosing co-ordination. Harry smokes and drinks. There is also numbness in the left hand. He noticed that memory gets ‘misplaced”, there is confusion and short term memory is dysfunctional. When reading he cannot get to the end of a sentence without forgetting the beginning. He had been told short term memory would be affected by radiation. Constipation has been a serious problem since chemo started; also ...weak and wobbly knees. I met Harry in the second week of August.

Harry had two “brain seizures” one on about Aug 25 and the second one on about Sept 5. He was told by medical authorities that the first seizure was due to his not taking his pills; there was no explanation for the second one since he was taking them at that time. Harry finally arrived here Sept 10 and we started breath therapy that day. He seemed very confused and in a depressed state; very difficult to get any words out.

 CT scans and subsequent biopsy revealed a 3.4cm lesion in the left front lobe of the brain, diagnosed to be a grade 4 astrocytoma with necrosis, mitosis and nuclear pleomorphism. In layman’s terms a very malignant tumor. Harry was informed that radiation and chemo therapy were the available treatments, and that this could “prolong natural history” by a few months. No guarantee or expectation of anything beyond that. 

October 02, 1997 

Harry’s condition has greatly improved in the last three weeks. The tumor itself has shrunk considerably.The tumor is in a state of “remission” as they call it in medical terminology; no longer a threat to his life and Harry only needs to go in for another CT scan in three months to see if there is anything left.

One of the side effects of his medical treatments (radiation) is the damage to short term memory, burnt out brain cells etc. The brain cells are being regenerated and will be for a while yet. Since the new brain cells are blank, like blank tapes, there is a certain amount of re-learning needed for Harry to regain all his functions, speech mostly.

The greatest improvement I have seen is in his short term memory. When he first arrived it was very difficult to work with him because he could not remember any instructions from one minute to the next, in fact from one breath to the next he would forget what he was doing. Presently, three weeks later, he has regained the ability to remember and follow instructions enough to work on his own. He does need to be reminded and encouraged to do the work. We have seen an increase in his mental capabilities tenfold since he first came. 

Harry left us in October - to return to his life of smoking and drinking. We warned him about the probable re-occurrence of the problem. One year later it did happen; though the original tumor had shrunk to the point of no longer being a concern, a new one had developed close to the original sight.

His brothers decided to put him through our program again, since it worked the first time. Harry went along with it, but didn’t really care to do much. The new tumor probably receded some. Harry just wanted to go home and have a beer and a smoke so he did.

He died six months later.

It had been clearly explained to Harry that returning to his lifestyle of smoking and drinking would re-create the problem; nevertheless he did go that route. Harry was a simple man and it was the only life he knew. What was demonstrated in his case is the fact that the program he went through, with all the breathing and exercise, as well as with the Chinese herbs and organic food, did in fact demolish the first tumor. Had he been able and willing to continue with a maintenance program on his own, he would still be with us. Harry was only in his early forties.

- as told by David Goulet. 1997

General Information & FAQs

Course Costs

Please refer to our Pricing Schedule for information on the cost of our Chakra Yoga Healer's programs.

What to bring

Information and suggestions regarding what you will need to bring to either of our locations may be downloaded as a PDF document and printed for your convenience. Simply click on the Suggested Packing Guide.  For the Healer's Course in Canada some of that may not apply. The course will be held at the Mountain Waters Retreat Center in Nelson B.C

Sample Daily Schedule

5:30 AM: Mantra in the Sound Temple* (optional)

 6:00 AM: Hatha Flow* (also optional)

 7:00 AM: Morning Yoga Class with focus on asanas and movement for healing specific areas.

 9:00 AM: Breakfast and short break

10:30 AM: Morning Class i.e., Anatomy, Psychology of the Chakras, Physiology, and so on

12:30 PM: Lunch and long break

 1:30 PM: Time allocated for Personal Practice

3:30 PM: Class on rejuvenation and healing methods of Yoga, generally involving Pranayama.

 6:00 PM: Dinner

 7:30 PM: Evening Class i.e., Documentary, Mantra, Conscious Movement, Sound Journey, and much more.

* Optional Classes

Class content will progressively change from one week to the next.

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