This unique retreat will be in 4 parts and each of these will be taught every day.

1). The Yoga for Health aspect will cover what needs to be know and practiced in order to re-create our health and maintain it, long term.

Yoga for health will be taught daily through simple but a very effective series of practices which increase circulation while enriching it with Oxygen. The breathing techniques, movements and postures used come from the comprehensive Chakra Yoga System and provide the tools necessary to promote and maintain high standards of health.

These are taught in the morning classes but then the students are reminded about how to apply them in daily living – how to breathe while working, how to move with flow in a stress-free manor.

Complementing these practices are a natural vegetarian diet which are fully supportive of the health plan.

The underlying purpose is obviously to keep oneself healthy and maintain a level of happiness connected to living in nature, without illness, in a fully natural was.

The higher consciousness aspects of the yoga lifestyle are introduced as part of the education. This will allow the participants to have some experience in the meditational states.

2). Then comes a dwelling place: learning to build your own simple house suitable for a tropical environment will be taught with a hands on approach where we will actually build such a place  during the two weeks. These kind of skills have been taken out of modern education, yet everyone needs a place to call home so good skills to learn now.

House building skills: Will be taught from the ground up, from stone and or concrete foundations to the choices in roofing and weather proofing. Most people in the modern world have been put through an education completely lacking the basic skills needed to survive on this planet, like learning to stay healthy. Even birds know how to make their nests, but poor humans never learn how to create a dwelling for themselves.

In this program participants are shown how to use simple tools such as a hammer and a saw, how to measure, cut and assemble the parts for a house. It is not such a complicated puzzle, anyone can learn this.

We teach this simplicity of design, what materials to use, choices available, dealing with bugs and termites problems in a tropical environment, mosquitoes and rats, How to deal with tiger and cobra confrontation in the wild jungle (just kidding).  How to live a balanced life in harmony with nature.

3). Next we find our place in the food chain, learning to be part of nature again with our feet in the soil and seeing how abundant natural food is constantly being produced and just falling off the trees – with no price tag.

Simplicity of food production with fruit trees.

Lining in the tropics as suitable habitat, where everything grows year-round.

Composting and soil building, recycling with nature, and learning how this is done in nature.

4). The clean power required for a more civilized lifestyle comes from the sun. Solar power set up is something everyone can do in this age. The components are all readily available as they are affordable at this point in time Learning this basic skill is the forth part of the retreat; the house we build will be installed with solar power.

Alternative Energy & Solar Power.

The basic education in alternative energy use is simple enough for anyone to grasp. It will involve the use of solar panel to gather sunlight and transform it to electricity.

Then the storage of that power in various batteries, depending on power needs.  Invertors and convertors for that power to run kitchen appliances and tools, or more simple set ups for lights and music.

Efficiency in power usage will be discussed and explained – an important part of energy conservation and non-wastage.