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Chakra 500HR Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand

Yoga Training & Courses in Thailand

At Pyramid Yoga Center, we are running multiple courses throughout the year. Most of our courses are held at the center in Thailand, with an occasional course held in The Philippines. These courses are based on the strong foundations of Chakra Yoga that David has built over a lifetime of study and practice. One of the main courses which have been taught for 21 years is now Yoga Certification Thailand, a very comprehensive education in the whole science of Yoga.

Through the practice of Yoga one can discover the feeling of peace and happiness, your Yoga Retreat Thailand provides you the place to learn and grow. It is the perfect place to overcome your stress and worries with an affordable cost and includes our courses like Yoga Certification Thailand providing comprehensive knowledge of Yoga.

The most beneficial way to really learn and immerse yourself into this knowledge is through our 2-month long, 500HR Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by The Yoga Alliance USA. Over 600 students have graduated from Pyramid Yoga over the years, which now spread this ancient knowledge throughout yoga studios, healing centers and conversations around the world. A huge portion of our new students have come to us because they wanted to follow in the footsteps of their inspired teachers at home.

Yoga Study

Students in the west rarely consider the basis of yoga which states that what we perceive with our senses is an illusion.  In India it’s called Maya and the goal of yoga is to wake up from the hypnotic nature of the illusion and get to know the underlying reality.

This is not exactly the goal of western yoga practice.

However, we are now in a quantum shift of realities.  From horse and buggy to spaceflight: from the pony express mail service to e-mail and Skype.  Technology has galloped ahead, and our human being is still on the horse.

What would happen if we woke up and realized the horse is made of electromagnetic energy in the shape and form of an animal?  And what if we developed the magnetic power of our mind enough to shape shift the energy into something else?  Now, if we get off the horse, and perceive our own bodies as vibrating electromagnetic energy, could we shift our own form from tumor to healthy tissue?  Why not?

The fundamental science of the west is quantum physics, the base science which explains what everything is made of.  Now this science is stating that the reality we see as a solid world is not what it seems.  The miniature building blocks of our world are energy waves of possibilities.  These waves condensed into the atoms and molecules and cells when there is a conscious observer.  So here we are in human bodies that seem very real while we are experiencing them: but when the conscious observer leaves, the cells dissolve back into random molecules and atoms in the process of decay.

What if we sharpen our conscious observer and become directors in the manifestation of our molecular structure.?  What if we reshaped our glands and organs into the original condition and peak performance?  And what if we reboot the mind to an upgraded belief system encompassing amazing possibilities?

This is the study of Chakra yoga, beyond the asanas, we go into the realm of science – old and new – to discover what we are really made of and how much influence we have on our mental, emotional and physical being.

So: in the beginning of the yoga practice we deal with the physical reality of our bodies with detoxification, good diet, exercise and breathing.  With the advancing practices in Chakra Yoga we come to the realization that the mind and consciousness are directors of the energy that makes everything happen within the body.  With greater advancement and practice we realize this director’s choice applies to the world outside as well.

This brings us to the understanding of why there has always been magical stories revolving around yogis of India; it also sheds light around Merlin and Gandalf, not to mention Yoda.

Teacher Training Courses

Our longest and most in-depth courses, the teacher training comes to you either as a 300HR, 5 week course or you may stay for 8 weeks to complete the full 500HR course.

Based on 9 different forms of yoga that correspond to the 9 primary chakras, this course will teach you aspects of yoga barely found in modern classrooms.

Full program information, prices and schedules can be found on our Pyramid Yoga website.

Immersives, Healing/Educational Programs and more

We also host many other courses when the demand reaches a certain threshold, such as level 2 Chakra Immersion (an advanced course for past 500HR students), as well as chakra-based healing courses, 4 week intensives and more.

These courses are less regular than our primary focus of the teacher training, but pop up due to demand or for us to fit in a shorter course as the 500HR trainings can be quite long for students to accommodate.

External Courses & Events

Often we have workshops and other events at Pyramid, hosted by external guests or past students. This can include teacher training courses, massage courses, tantra workshops, contact dancing, ecstatic dancing and so much more. There is always something planned at Pyramid.

For more schedule information, follow the link below.

The comprehensive nature of this course brings in the latest findings in neurobiology and other related sciences, which are all pointing back to the influence of mind over matter. Subsequently, there is a greater emphasis on mental development through contemplation (Dharana) concentration (Dhyana) and meditation (Samadhi) than there is on the physical asanas. In the contemplation classes there is a significant amount of new information from updated scientific research introduced – which makes our old world view obsolete, and brings in a whole new realm of possibilities for our human experience. This is part of building a new belief system based on the energy wheels called Chakras, or the Quantum energies of physics, it is the same reality described from two different perspectives. With the Science of Chakra Yoga the student learns to see, feel and hear the vibratory nature of this energy through the practices in breath-asana integration, together with audio-visual concentration technique and thus come to experience the cellular and molecular nature of our human reality.

Students looking for development, personal growth and higher altered states of consciousness are well suited for this course. Through personal development and experiences beyond the material world students come to understand the greater scope of yoga and then teach from that perspective.

Yoga students wanting to be asana instructors in the fitness world of normal yoga studios will be happier taking any of the hundreds of other teacher training courses available globally. If you prefer to have a more comprehensive education in the full science of yoga, this is the course for you.

We offer our space and time for you to learn yoga how it suits you best. For simpler course in yoga we have Yoga Retreat Thailand, wherein we offer a series of retreats of different lengths and styles in various forms of yoga.